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Broadway Boxed Up is the first and longest running theatre-themed subscription box service with the mission of bringing Broadway closer to the homes of fans while elevating the voices of BIPOC, Deaf, and other theatre professionals and organizations. 

Check out an example of our March box, with Broadway-themed merchandise, candles by actor Chris Dwan, and a virtual event and the opportunity to ask a question to one of Wicked's recent Elphabas, Hannah Corneau

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For the first time ever, in honor of the 5-year anniversary of Waitress "Opening Up" on Broadway, we are so excited to announce our standalone

Waitress-themed box

This box is not part of a subscription, and limited quantities will be available until sold out.

Portion of the proceeds of this box will support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and out-of-work theatre professionals through the Actors Fund

Items include an exclusive gold-plated 5-year anniversary commemorative coin, an exclusive frequent-piers pin, Dawn guest check props, exclusive Joe's Pie Diner Mugs, Mermaid Marshmallow Pie Soap, Pie-themed wax melts, Thanks for Taking Me to the Moon-Moon Pie, Waitress Playbill flower, stickers, a magnet, and more!

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Happy BroadwayCon from ThespianSwag!

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We are so excited to be part of this virtual swag box! We are an online store, perfect for Theatre Nerds of all ages. We've got everything from witty t-shirts to punny pencils!

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 Welcome to Second Act Snacks! We're Broadway's first and only streamable show that combines the worlds of theatre, food, and travel into one perfect bite! Grab a seat and your favorite snack and get ready for a taste of Broadway like you've never had before!

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The entirety of Season 1 is streaming now on YouTube and 10Glo! Check out our trailer here and intro here!


Drama! Sit down with resident dramatics, Connor MacDowell & Dylan MacDowell, as they explore theatre, entertainment, pop culture, and the vibrance of love and life in New York City. Joined weekly by thrilling special guests, they have intimately casual conversations about the dramatic journey that brought them here. 

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Broadway by the Glass, Broadway's premier cocktail destination, presents a Hamilton inspired cocktail "To The Groom...To The Bride" which is sure to leave you satisfied.  

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 Broadway by the Glass designs and creates custom menus, signature cocktails, and hosts cocktail parties and workshops:


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